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Bundle creation

This app allows prehospital emergency service provider to lookup certain protocols during dispatch or can be used as an educational instrument.

If you or your EMS provider would like to have your bundle added to the online repository, please contact admin[at]

Create your own bundles and drop them into your iPhone App Shared Folder in iTunes for easy installation. (Instructions)

The main functions provided are: Searching trough protocols, appendices and drug references, view/zoom protocols, view drug references, lookup related websites on protocols and drug and updating/downloading protocols.

Development: Michael Zauchner
email: admin[at]

Special Thanks to:

Howto create a Bundle:

Download Example Bundle (Protocol/Algorithm)

General Preparations for Installation:
After creating the bundle, zip it and name it: <packet>.algo_<version>.zip


Put it into iTunes > yourIPhone > Apps > File Sharing > parAlgo > Documents. The bundle install itself on next start of parAlgo. (Instructions)


After creating the bundle, create a folder in your root "paralgo-exchange". Put your zipped bundle there and restart parAlgo. The App will install your personal bundle.

Folder structure:

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <infos path="algos/{name of the package}/img" title="{creator}" 
                version="{version}" date="{date of creation}" copyright="{copyright}/>
                <algo id="{id protocol}" title="{title protocol}" 
                            url_wiki="{URL}" image="{imagenamge.png}">
                        <reference target="{protocol id}" />
                        <reference target="{protocol id}" />
                        <drug target="{drug id}" />
                        <drug target="{drug id}" />
                <drug id="{drug id}" 
                    title="{drug title}" 
                    agent="{drug agent}" 
                    indication="{drug indication}" 
                    contraindication="{drug contraindication}" 
                    effect="{drug effect}" 
                    url="{drug url}"
                    seffect="{drug side effect}">
                        <dose title="{dose title}" dosage="{dosage amount}" 
                                 competence="{your competence}" 
                                 color="{blue|brown|cyan|gray|green|magenta|orange|purple|red}" />
                <page id="{page id}" title="{page titel}" image="{image name.png}" />

Use a PNG-Format with 150dpi and aspect ratio of 1:1.5 (e.g: 1112 × 1432 Pixel).

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